Gary Pan on Local Issues

A Safe and Healthy Virginia

Keeping Virginians safe and healthy, prioritizing vaccines to those who need them and addressing youth mental health issues are Gary's top priorities.

Virginia ranks among the last in the nation in vaccine distribution - failed leadership and unchecked power in Richmond has made it harder to foster a healthy commonwealth. Youth mental health is another casualty of COVID-19, and Gary has listened to dozens of parents concerned with their child's development. Investing in awareness, resources and counselors to address mental health will be critical to avoiding a lost generation of Virginians.


Rebuilding Virginia's economy will require leadership that understands job creation. A successful business leader, Gary has real-world experience in creating jobs, balancing budgets and fueling economic growth.  He recognizes that higher taxes, more regulations and confusing restrictions are not the answer Gary sees the potential for Northern Virginia to serve as the Commonwealth's economic engine, leading the nation in technology and energy innovation, and knows quality public education and strong transportation infrastructure will help us get there.


Getting kids back to school is essential - every child deserves the opportunity to receive quality, in-person education. Too many students in Northern Virginia have received unequal treatment because too many politicians and bureaucrats have failed to follow the science and reopen schools safely. Gary is committed to expanding educational opportunities and will work with anyone to ensure schools and parents are equipped to do what's best for their students.

Public Safety

Gary supports the men and women in law enforcement who keep our families safe. Ensuring officers have the training and resources needed to best serve every community, Gary will be a strong advocate for law enforcement in Richmond and will oppose extreme efforts to defund the police.


As Troop 55’s Scoutmaster, Gary has taught hundreds of young men and women the value of conservation, protection and preservation of nature and our environment for future generations. In Richmond, he will fight for these same principles. From conservation to stormwater management to addressing our recycling problem, Gary will fight to protect the environment in Northern Virginia. Doing what is right for today and for the future has always been Gary’s number one priority, and he will continue to fight for our environment in Richmond.