Gary Pan on Local Issues


Gary sees the potential for Northern Virginia to serve as an important economic engine of our Commonwealth and nation, particularly through innovation in energy and technology. As a successful business leader, Gary recognizes that businesses do best to grow and to create jobs when taxes and burdensome regulations are reduced. Furthermore, he recognizes that it is crucial for the government to focus on providing high quality public education as well as strong transportation infrastructure to help the economy grow. Gary is a small business CEO who has started two Inc. Magazine Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America, employing hundreds of people. He understands how the government can work to help create a favorable economic climate to fuel growth. Gary has significant business experiences in creating jobs, growing our economy, and balancing budgets – qualities that we need in Richmond.


For years we have heard about Northern Virginia’s transportation problems, yet we have seen little progress. Fixing these problems must be a priority in Richmond. Gary will fight hard to ensure that Northern Virginia finally gets its fair share of transportation funding. Transportation funding is not enough, we need to develop smarter approaches to alleviate traffic in our area. As a business leader, Gary understands that a holistic view of the congestion issue is important to ensure that there is relief across all Northern Virginia. Additionally, Gary is concerned with the quality of many rural roads in our district. Northern Virginia cannot continue to be shortchanged with funding, and roads that are in inadequate condition must be improved to increase quality of life for commuters. Furthermore, Gary will fight to expand and improve public transit and to reduce commute times across the entire district to support the growth of our vibrant economy.


Gary believes that in order to attract businesses to our area and to build a strong and diversified economy in Northern Virginia, we must have a strong education system. Gary’s plan for education will bring a greater focus to early childhood development, reducing class size for students at overcrowded schools, and fighting for more funding for local higher educational institutions such as Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University. Northern Virginia has not been getting their fair share of funding for education, and Gary is prepared to fight for that in Richmond. Gary stands with parents to ensure that our children are ultimately competitive in the global economy.

Public Health and Safety

Gary is concerned with many of the issues facing our public health system. Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control. The opioid crisis is consuming the lives of those affected by addiction as well as their families. Since 1999, sales of prescription painkillers to hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies has increased fourfold and the number of overdose deaths from pain medications has increased by 300%. We need to educate the public and the medical community on better and safer prevention and treatment practices. Additionally, Gary has met with parents who are concerned with youth mental health issues. In Richmond he will fight to ensure that there is a greater level of youth mental health awareness and resources available to help those in need. Additionally, human trafficking is an issue that Northern Virginia has been facing for years, and one that needs to be better addressed so that all Virginians can enjoy their basic human rights. Gang violence is on the raise in our area and we need to devote more resources to support a regional gang task force and to enact policies that require deportation of illegal alien gang members. To provide proper protection for our citizens and communities, we need to ensure that we have adequate support for our first responders such as firefighters, police officers, and EMTs.


As Troop 55’s Scoutmaster, Gary has taught hundreds of young men and women the value of conservation, protection and preservation of nature and our environment for future generations. In Richmond, he will fight for these same principles. From conservation to stormwater management to addressing our recycling problem, Gary will fight to protect the environment in Northern Virginia. Doing what is right for today and for the future has always been Gary’s number one priority, and he will continue to fight for our environment in Richmond.